1901 Sdn Bhd (NEW)

Alia, here’s the new updated document which i have include with new strategy findings:


P/S: Don’t forget to download the file, ok?


1901 Sdn Bhd

Alia, here’s the document:


Ramadhan is back!!


Today (22nd Aug 2009)  is the first day where Muslim people celebrate their fasting month for 30 days length before they once again celebrating their Hari Raya fest. Well, the same excitement starts. Fasting + going to class on daylight + waiting to break fasting is where I found the excitement of fasting in Ramadhan season. Plus this is the only month where muslims go to the nearest mosque to do tarawikh together and it cannot be done on other month. Good news to me to know that my birthday will be celebrated on this Ramadhan on 2oth Sept, a few days before Hari Raya fest. WOW!!! can’t wait. So, Happy celebrating Ramadhan al-mubarak to muslim people worldwide.  Assalamualaikum!!!

The Ultimate Warrior!

Brought to you by:

Last week while skating, my friend namely “Afique-G” brought along his new Nikon D80 camera. During the particular session, me and “Afique-G” take turns shooting ourselves one another. I just receive this image tonight and guest what?!! I’ve made the pics arrangement into the storyline. Hahaha! You guys are going to love it! N’joy!





This image below ARE so NOT true. Just my editing imaginations. Now, what would you guys say about it!?? Hahaha!


The Ultimate Disaster

Each and everyone of you guys already notice that the H1N1 (B.A.B.I. flu) already at the critical conditions within our community. It is so fucked up to now that the whole entire UiTM admin system were jammed caused by these can so called ‘cute’ creature. Right now, I am still doubt that a week are still not enough to ensure that the community of UiTM student are 100% free from the disease. Plus, I might think that this will be more than just a week. You guys, stay out of pigs. They’re might be cute, but can be really scary.BEWARE!!

It’s the new Penny video!

It’s already been a year I’ve been waiting for any Tom Penny’s new video and last night I had discovered that some one had upload it on youtube. WHAT A REALEASE!

It is such a great feelings to know that Tom still don’t quit from skating  and always using his own style on his skating attempt. But I’m sure that everybody notice that he’s gone too skinny. Kinda weird but he’s still my idol. YEAYYY!!!!

Really need you guys to figure it OUT!!

This coming August or early September, I’m planning on havin’ a new pair of skate shoes. I’ve made a list and have come up with three choices.

  1. Supra Footwear – Sport (Tom Penny Pro-Model)
  2. Supra Footwear – Vaider Low
  3. Es Footwear – Square One

The choices been made thru few aspects and the major one is cost constraints. I never wear these shoe model before and would like you guys vote base on your previous experience or any review from your friends who previously or presently wearing ’em. URGENT!! (Vote through comments below, thank you)

Some of my inspirations..

It’s been a long time I didn’t update my blog. Tonight, my uncle call up my family to go to a restaurant to celebrate his great achievement as being acceptable and recognizable for being a  Professor on his findings. After having a good meal and having a smoke outside of the restaurant,my two cousin and I talk about something funny on youtube, and suddenly one of my cousin said about this dancing video which is quite enjoying. The title of this video is “Where the hell is matt”.

So, when I just arrived at home, I play my Guitar Hero 3 for a few songs and suddenly I remember about what my cousin had talked to me previously. So, I go to youtube and type , “Where the hell is Matt”. While waiting the video to load, as usual I will open some skateboarding video on youtube to watch.

When the video finishes loading, I watch the video until the end. Then I watch again for the second time, untill the end. For the third time, untill the end. Lastly, I watch it for the 4th time, and suddenly my tears drops. For some people, it might be funny and enjoying. But for me, it is some sort of inspiration. On what perspective? He is enjoying his self through dancing all around the world and people love his enjoyment. Like me, in skateboarding scene, eventhough how much I love this skate scene, eventhough I already made my own solo tour in my own country, but the element of enjoyment are still blur to me. This guy here, Matt shows me a simple concept with a crystal clear presentation. Mad Props Matt… Mad Props from me to you….. Just do it and don’t Quit on dancing!!!

It is time, close old books, and start a new one!

My semester had already ends last 3 days  ago. It’s shocking to know that 3 years of studying in diploma had already passed. How ever, my jorney wouldn’t stop here, as I always wanted to persue my study in degree, for another 2 and a half years more. It’s not a long and not weird process as every one goes through the same process just like I did.

What I really need to do now is just keep on progressing and visualize my vision, set a target, and go for it. keep on skatin’, drawing, eatin’, sleepin, studyin and dreamin’ as hih as I could… yes.. as high as I could…..

My cool life begins…

The title above is not from my words.. but a friend of mine who was just finished his school last year. He’s not a smoker but he takes shisha. So, when it comes for 4th and 5th time when he inhale those smoke into his lung and got stuck up in his brain area, he starts feeling ‘sasquatch’. Sasquatch? I don’t know.. Whenever he feels high then those words came out of his mouth… Hohohohoho!!!

The next day, I found him sleeping at the walking route near to SOGO shoping complex……

Njoy! ;P

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